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The Cannabis Clinic


The Cannabis Clinic Brand New Zealand

In 2018, New Zealand changed what the law states to permit physicians to suggest and recommend cannabis that are medicinal.

The Cannabis Clinic is regarded as brand New Zealand’s first professional medicinal cannabis clinics supplying consultations, cbd oil help, training, and professional advice to all the New Zealanders. We make use of physicians and experts whom know and realize medicinal cannabis.

Our aim is enhance the total well being of y our clients coping with a variety of chronic and debilitating conditions, and whose treatments that are previous maybe maybe not been sufficiently effective.

? I have been helped by it tremendously with my joint disease discomfort. ?

? When I experienced a migraine it took the aura signs away very nearly instantly. ?

? i’ve noticed respite from pain, improved sleep, and paid off anxiety. ?

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We all know that medicinal cannabis could be confusing.

Is cannabis that are medicinal right treatment choice for you?

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We demand a referral that is generic your GP. This is important as it provides your fundamental medical background and information which we could consult with you further.


Once you’ve been introduced by the GP, our friendly and expert group will make contact to prepare an appointment with certainly one of our experienced medicinal cannabis physicians.

4. prescription & FOLLOW-UP

Ensure you get your prescription at your visit. We’ll also follow-up on an everyday foundation and|basis that is regular monitor your progress very carefully.

medical expertise

We use a medical group whom understand medicinal cannabis and share the purpose of helping New Zealanders manage conditions properly and effectively.

Private & Open Minded

The frustration is understood by us to be “part of this system”. Its hard to find some body prepared to listen.

encompassing care

We work to treat you as an individual you who you are as we appreciate every aspect of your life and being that makes.


Medicinal cannabis prescriptions can range in expense from $40-$70 per depending on the brand and dosage level our doctor feels is right for you week.

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what’s cannabis that are medicinal?

Cannabidiol (Medicinal Cannabis) can be an extract of this Cannabis plant (usually hemp) and doesn’t cause . This has numerous potential healing advantages. A lot of people use medicinal cannabis to simply help with anxiety, chronic pain, seizures and sleeplessness.

is Medicinal cannabis appropriate in nz?

Yes, medicinal cannabis is legal as a prescription drugs readily available for purchase throughout your local pharmacy. A prescription is needed by you as a result of it. To be able to get this, you are able to talk with one of our cannabis that are medicinal or even to your GP.

what exactly is Thc?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is another extract from the Cannabis plant and it is in charge of the feeling that is high. THC many health that is potential, specially when combined with Medicinal Cannabis. THC used to support anxiety, sleeplessness, chronic pain and sickness.

What exactly is medicinal cannabis used for?

Medicinal cannabis may be used for health issues, people make use of it to find help with chronic discomfort, sleep and anxiety.

In a current study of 2400 users, the most effective conditions people used medicinal cannabis for had been: anxiety, sleeplessness, joint, despair, muscle mass stress, migraines and chronic pain. A cannabis that are medicinal in Auckland has additionally provided some information and claimed that away from 200 patients addressed, 60% used medicinal cannabis for chronic discomfort. Moreover it unearthed that from it’s users, 72% discovered benefit cannabis that are medicinal significantly more than 50% stating it was of “great” or “excellent” benefit.

There aren’t any conditions which is why cannabis that are medicinal approved for, so it is usage is on a case by instance trial foundation.

How exactly does medicinal cannabis work?

Medicinal cannabis works in your body by functioning on the system that is endocannabinoid. The human human anatomy makes it’s own cannabinoid that is natural and contains receptors (CB1 and CB2) for these chemical compounds in a lot of organ systems, including the epidermis and mind. is believed to be concerned in a variety of bodily processes. medicinal cannabis functions by performing on these receptors and causing it’s beneficial action.

Exactly what are the advantages of medicinal cannabis oil?

Medicinal cannabis oil has its own possible advantages on the body through it’s discussion aided by the system that is endocannabinoid. Based on the World wellness Organization (whom), cannabis oil is believed to possess analgesic (anti-pain), anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), anti inflammatory, neuroprotective (protects mind cells), anti-psychotic and properties that are anti-tumour. Cannabis oil has not yet undergone extensive clinical studies to show conclusively it’s benefits as it’s a normal item.

How do I buy cannabis that are medicinal in NZ?

With a prescription readily available, cannabis that are medicinal brand new Zealand. The Cannabis Clinic can help show you along the way of employing cannabis that are medicinal. Or, you can easily prefer to see our own professional physician to talk about using medicinal cannabis oil for the wellness requirements.

What exactly is Cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil can be utilized to reference Cannabis that is medicinal oil. Nonetheless, an extract regarding the Cannabis plant could also include THC, the psychoactive component accountable when it comes to high. Cannabis oil is just a term that is general Medicinal Cannabis oil is just a style of Cannabis oil. It’s presently appropriate Cannabis oil containing 98% Medicinal Cannabis with regards to of it’s total content that is cannabinoid.

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