Just What We Love About Fall at USC. Fall is really a special time of the year at USC.

 Just What We Love About Fall at USC. Fall is really a special time of the year at USC. For the freshmen pupils it marks the beginning of their college experience. For our admission staff it marks the recruitment cycle for our freshmen that are next. For students and staff fall is just a wonderful time of year for a lot of different reasons. It was thought by us will be nice to survey our certain of royal vegas mobile casino login our students and admission counselors to see why they enjoy the fall at USC so much.

Here is what a few of our students had to say:

‘we love creating television shows at USC”s Annenberg TV Information’ Jake, Senior, Broadcast and Digital Journalism, Ridgefield CT

‘ I like seeing therefore alumni that are many back to USC Football games to support the Trojans’ Pooja, Junior, Kinesiology, Cupertino, CA

‘we love seeing all the newest pupils getting involved with the various student organizations who recruit at the start of semester’ Matt, Senior, Public Policy Management and preparing, Irvine, CA

‘I look ahead up to a cappella auditions and welcoming our brand new members’ Trace, Junior, Broadcast and Digital Journalism, Elmhurst, IL

‘FOOTBALL’ Ryan, Senior, Accounting, Chicago, IL

Here’s what some of our admission counselors had to express:

‘ I love leaving work each day and hearing the marching musical organization practice during the track stadium and listen to Dr. Art Bartner direct the group. We love that the band permits us to operate on the track during their practices. Good music to truly get you fired up!’ Michael Gulotta

‘ I love fall because the students come back and bring life back to campus! It is great to hear what they did throughout the summer.’ Samantha Schreiber

‘Conquest is every autumn and it’s a sendoff for our football team, but it is also a complete large amount of fun for the rest of campus. The main quad gets turned into a carnival, with a Ferris wheel, fireworks, bonfire, and food. But the best part comes at the end associated with evening when they start the concert. Every year they bring amazing designers to campus to perform for students. My favorite show was Lupe Fiasco!’ Kendall Williams

‘The Trojan Knights’ Olivia Sajjadieh

‘ I adore when the weather actually turns to fall and the leaves begin to change color, particularly in Alumni Park it’s the perfect setting with all the trees and Doheny into the background!’ Neelam Savla

Weekend Family

This weekend that is past USC hosted its annual Family Weekend to welcome parents and families of current pupils to campus. Visitors managed to attend classes with their student, notice from President Nikias, cheer on the Trojan football team, and indulge in many other events throughout the weekend.

One special program showcased a conversation with Gary Tuchman, a CNN National Correspondent. We are fortunate to possess him offer his perspective on being a parent that is proud of USC students as a guest blog contributor this week. Keep reading to hear a USC parent’s viewpoint.

Whenever my son Daniel started kindergarten, my grade that is third daughter was thrilled. She had been excited she and her brother would be going to school together. 13 years later, Daniel and Lindsay are experiencing deja vu; but this right time at the University of Southern Ca. My daughter is a senior in Annenberg; my son is a freshman in the educational School of Cinematic Arts. They are very happy to take college with one another and my wife Kathy and I are proud and delighted to have two children in the Trojan Family.

However, they have been perhaps not the ones that are only the house who are section of that Trojan Family. It has been made clear to us from the start that as parents we too are users associated with family members. The kindness, friendliness, and helpfulness we now have experienced from people affiliated with the university has been wonderful. Just this past weekend, we attended our 4th annual USC Family Weekend. It really is great being along with your kids as we all encounter the enjoyable activities that exist. But it is also inspiring to experience the care and meticulousness that USC exhibits in putting the elaborate weekend together. the university has because of its students as well as the moms and dads of the pupils.

Our children are far from home. We live in Atlanta, Georgia; 2200 miles away. But we like to visit and understand they’re in good arms when they’re in LA. All things considered, they are Trojans.

Moving to USC

For anyone that are considering transferring to USC we offer quantity of references and programs to help guide you through the transfer application procedure.


1) read the Transferring to USC Guide. It is really a guide that is comprehensive our application process and I reference it quite frequently.

2) pay attention that is close the Additional program tips for transfer students. Some programs at USC require extra preparation and students must certanly be mindful of these courses when scheduling classes.

3) For pupils transferring from California community universities, we’ve what is called an Articulation Agreement. An articulation contract is just a list of courses we guarantee will transfer through the grouped community college to USC. Students should reference the articulation contract to understand which of the courses will transfer.

Visiting Campus:

1) We offer Transfer Information Sessions covering the transfer process every Tuesday at 3pm at our Admission Center.

2) We also host Transfer Days through the fall for pupils interested in a more comprehensive stop by at USC. During a transfer day pupils have the opportunity to take a walking trip of campus, attend an educational information session, and pay attention to an aid presentation that is financial.

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